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Partnership For Africa is a Non-Profit Organization registered in the USA and it acquired it's Non-Profit Tax Exempt Status 501 (C) 3 in 2010. We show God's Love to the Orphans and the Vulnerable Kids in Africa guided by Our Mission Statement of  "Showing God's Love through Action".

We Partner with the village and Community Leaders in Kenya Africa to identify the Neediest Children and provide them with Food, Clothing and Shelter.

We give Sheep, Chickens, Rabbits and Cows to the Extended Family Members currently living with the Orphans (most of whom are very elderly Grandparents) to supply Eggs, Meat and Milk to these Children.

We believe that Evangelism and God's Love can only have impact to all the People when it is shown through Acts of Mercy like Our Organization provides.  We are not just providing Food and Other items to the Kids, but Teaching them to take care of the Animals and practice Farming when staying with the Extended Family Members and also when they finally arrive at the partnership For Africa Center in Nakuru Kenya.

Partnership for Africa was Founded by Elijah Mwangi, Native of Kenya, after moving to the USA in 2008 with his wife Monica and their  young children, Rhonix and Ashley. Having witnessed Tribal Wars and  the growing number of Orphans and Street Kids, with many deaths of Parents due to HIV/AIDS, God called him to give back to His people back in Africa.  He felt that the only thing with Eternal Value  is to Help  the suffering Innocent Children and give them Hope and a Future.

Currently, PFA helps 164 Children in Kenya across the nation.  Every year they provide Food, Clothing, Medicine and Spiritual Guidance. They hope to get Full and Consistent Sponsorship for all the Kids.  PFA has 13 Regional Representatives in Kenya and Partners with Churches, Local Government Representatives and Community Leaders in achieving their Goals.

Mission Statement

Partnership For Africa's Mission is to Show God's Love through Action. PFA fosters a Community approach, involving the Community Members, Local Village and Community Leaders, Local Churches,
Schools and Orphanges, to creat a Safe and Fulfilling Environment that will Change the Disadvantaged Children into Responsible Citizens and become World Changers.


To assist Kenyan Orphans and Vulneerable Children who have Lost their parents to HIV/AIDS,
Wars or Living in the Streets, to become Productive and Successful Citizens by providing them with
Education, Emotional and Spiritual Assistance from a Biblical point of view.

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Mission Trip 2011, Giving Food to the Children.

Village Children